STPH148 Euphoric EP – Chibba

Out on: Stereophonic


Euphoric (Original Mix)

Euphoric (Original Mix)


Fine With Me (Original Mix)

Fine With Me (Original Mix)


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Euphoric EP

Chibba is back once again on Stereophonic with the extraordinary “Euphoric EP“, which features two distinctly club-oriented jams ready to be dropped on the dancefloor. “Euphoric” relies on a wall-shaking bassline that just takes control over everything else, so use it at your own risk! On the other hand, there’s “Fine With Me“, a darker and more groovy one, featuring enigmatic and more refined percussions that will instantly get your body moving.

– STPH148 Chibba – Euphoric EP (Original Mix) 

– STPH148 Chibba – Fine With Me (Original Mix) 

Release date: 18 August 2019


STPH148 Chibba - Fine With Me (Original Mix), Stereophonic 

Release: STPH148

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