Reunion EP by Devious – Lab Doctor & Chibba

Out on: The Dribble


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Devious – Lab Doctor, Chibba – Reunion (original mix) [The Dribble]

– d.j. Chibba: 

In year 2000 he found himself in Electronic music and became a well-known Tech House DJ! Chibba’s first collaboration was with duet; Devious – Lab Doctor. Now he is collaborating with two label companies, such as Stereophonic Records and The Dribble. On stage Chibba is well-known by performing underground Tech House music, which is combined with Electronic music elements and vocals.

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 – DEVIOUS / Lab Doctor:

It was in 1999 when a young teenager found himself at his first party, falling in love with the electronic music after hearing the very first sound. For an entire year, he has collected money so he was able to afford buying some gramophones. Mastering his playing technique he was soon ready for his public event debut. After this, he became a regular spice for Slovenian electronic events, which was also recognized by the notorious Saturday night Blueroom show. Due to its popularity, the people behind the show have decided to start throwing music sessions in 2002. As it later turned out, this was a career turning point for Mr. Devious.

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Devious - Lab Doctor, Chibba, Reunion (original mix), The Dribble

Release: THEDRIBBLE015

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