DJ Gumja – Aj Dala (Original Mix)

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Aj Dala (Original Mix)

Aj Dala (Original Mix)


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DJ Gumja entered the music scene right after the new millennium kicked in. And the fact that he grew up in the small town where the legendary early day open-air festivals fuelled the regional rave frenzy didn’t hurt his taste for music at all. He’s a member of Y2K generation of techno artists, who took the world famous Slovenian Techno Sound from the 90s from the scene elders, redefined it and pushed it forward.

He believes in 360° approach to techno, his heart beats to the techno drum and he won’t let trends shift his taste. That’s why you can always expect DJ Gumja to serve you with a mind blowing, funky, energetic and driving techno set!

Longer preview of new track “Aj Dala” from now on available also on my Soundcloud page. Enjoy!


DJ GUMJA_Aj Dala (Original Mix)


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