Techno music can be an effective treatment of pain!

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“Techno music can be an effective treatment of pain”

Music has been shown by many studies to be an effective treatment for pain. In the examination of the effects of techno-music, they found a significant increase observed in beta-endorphin, adreno-corticotropic hormone, plasma norepinephine, growth hormone, and cortisol. The conclusion was that listening to techno-music induces changes in neurotransmitters, peptides, and hormonal reactions related to mental state and emotional involvement.
Music cannot only lessen pain, but can change your emotional or mental state and actually even help you to grow. But this only applies if you like techno music, as otherwise it has the ability to worsen the emotional state. Thus your personality will determine how you respond to techno music.
Further, due to the techno-music induced biological effects and its proven ability to increase endurance and buffer the immediate negative effects of exercise, it is easy to understand the strong link between techno and all-night dancing.

“The dance club is a hyperreal environment where individuals can escape and get high on dancing”

Rave evidences formations of ‘neo-tribes’, which are transitory groups where there is a constant back-and-forth movement between the tribe and the masses. What links members of rave neo-tribes is not a formal code but ‘shared emotions, styles of life, new moral beliefs, senses of injustice and consumption practices’. On weekends, people congregated to engage in a collective experience, to form a temporary community, which disperses after the experience is over.

This behavior highlights core cultural values that include child-like innocence and a refusal to grow up. “The dance club is a hyperreal environment where individuals can escape and get high on dancing. In effect people feel safe. The fact that someone might just want to dance, makes it perfectly acceptable to go to a club alone.


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