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21/12/2019 At Ambasada Gavioli

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Date: 21/12/2019
Location: Ambasada Gavioli
Address: Industrijska cesta 10 - Izola, Slovenia

Lydia@Ambasada Gavioli, presents by TMGO (Trance Must Go On)

  • Lydia / Belgrade – Serbia 

Lydia graduated piano on Academy Of Fine Arts (Belgrade, Serbia). Her biggest hobby was composing film and classical music and a very first piano piece she wrote was at the age of 6. After performing as a pianist for many years, Lydia found herself
as a producer, composer and a DJ in electronic music and also as a vocalist and songwriter. She collaborated with many artists from Trance music scene and she is active as a producer and a DJ, since 2017. Lydia’s role model in electronic music was Robert Miles with his inspiring piano melodies and massive beats. As a Trance music lover, Lydìa continued in a similar direction, giving priority to her unique melodies, followed by her vocals and a strong beat. As a DJ and vocalist, she performed at several music festivals and music events: Exit Festival (Serbia), Solar United Natives Festival (Hungary), Way Of Life Festival (Serbia), Trance Must Go On (Slovenia), Trance Unity (Croatia), Jungle Island (Serbia), and also became resident at several night clubs in Belgrade. Many single releases brought her to a couple of various record labels such as: Magic Trance, Redux Recordings, Sol Music, Tesseract Studio, 8Cell Studio, BMSS Records, Maratone Music, Entrancing Music, IB Music.
Lydia also released her first chill-out debut album with Merlin (aka Vertex), on the Canadian label: Altar Records, and later on, she released her solo album ”Timeless”. She is also known as Lydia DeLay but she continues her solo music career as Lydìa, in trance and chill-out music styles, as a producer, DJ, vocalist and lyrics author.

YouTube: Lydia Official Channel

– Support Line Up – 

  • Kristian Macarol / Ljubljana – Slovenia

Kristian Macarol is young Slovenian DJ and Producer. At the age of 15, he first met with the Fruity Loops Studio program in which he creates the music even today. His music career starts in year 2015. In the same year he made his first contract with label company Mapamond Records from Bologna-Italy. He was working with them until last year, when he sign a new contract with label company Chill & Let It Out Records from London-UK. He was performing with many world known DJ artists and producers, such as Darren Porter, Alessandra Roncone, The Thrillseekers… Kristian Macarol is well known by performing Trance, Tech–Trance and Uplifting-Trance rhythms. He is one of the leaders of group TMGO (Trance Must Go On).


Industrijska cesta 10, 6310 Izola, Slovenia

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Lydia, DJ, Producer, Trance, Belgrade, Serbia


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