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Wookie Woo

Wookie Woo

Born and raised on music, Wookie Woo always felt his calling was somehow connected to spreading his tunes throughout the galaxies far and wide. After experimenting with various genres and a couple of different musical instruments throughout his cub years, he finally fell in love with electronic music in 2007 when he attended his first rave. In 2008 he saved up enough Imperial Credits to buy his first equipment and that’s how his DJ career began.

After a few years of struggling, in 2012 he met a group of fellow music outcasts with a common interest and the Reflexible collective was formed, giving birth to a series of events called »Confessions« and a festival named »Halamoye«.

Throughout the years he worked under various aliases (the most notable being The Snatchedz, a tech-house/techno duo, where he released a three track EP called »Remedy«), met and shared the cantina stages with DJs such as Marko Nastić, Da Fresh, Deborah de Luca, Belocca etc.

Nowadays he’s keeping his fuzzy hands full with his monthly mixcast show called »The Saga«, helping organizing Confessions events, polishing his music production skills and preparing a 10-track album, that he plans to release sometime in the beginning of the next Earth’s orbital period, while still leaving some room for sudden inspiration for the next galactic adventure.




Email wookiewoo.dj@gmail.com

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