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DJ DEVIOUS and MIKEL WONIC are the THE LAB DOCTORS duet. They are both well experienced individual performers, who have been a part of Slovenian electronic music industry for almost two decades. THE MUSIC LAB, as they are calling their main project, which has been taking place in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, has attracted many local, regional and global DJs, who came to entertain the loyal lab audience. A part from their main project, they are also regular guests and cocreators of WAREHOUSE UNDERGROUND CLUBBING, a series of events held by one of the most visited clubs of Ljubljana, Cvetličarna. Rather than playing »back to back« or »one versus another«, they chose their signature playing style to be »one after another«.

When setting their goals for 2018, they have decided a release of a series of their own records is a must. Staying true to what they have set their mind to, they have released their first record »activate EP« under one of the most renowned Spanish labels, Beatfreak limited. Soon, the second one, dedicated to THE MUSIC LAB, was released under a Detroit based MuthafunkerZ label.

  • DJ DEVIOUS / Ljubljana – Slovenia

It was in 1999 when a young teenager found himself at his first party, falling in love with the electronic music after hearing the very first sound. For an entire year, he has collected money so he was able to afford buying some gramophones. Mastering his playing technique he was soon ready for his public event debut. After this, he became a regular spice for Slovenian electronic events, which was also recognized by the notorious Saturday night Blueroom show. Due to its popularity, the people behind the show have decided to start throwing music sessions in 2002. As it later turned out, this was a career turning point for Mr. Devious.

Inspired by his moto »For every sound, there is an audience, a time and a place. Combining the three with my ears and imagination, gives my music wings.«, DEVIOUS became a true Slovenian electronic music activist, with THE MUSIC LAB as his primary choice of weapon. His key to success is combining talented, up and coming DJs with a professional environment of THE MUSIC LAB and a loyal, electronic gourmet audience.

  • MIKEL WONIC / Zurich – Switzerland

is one of the »Slovenian underground sound« pioneers. It was in 1998 when his first residency at a local club has provided him with an opportunity to come up with his own electronic event. Soon after that, his own »Kitchma records« was born. Under this brand, he has worked with numerous producers and also produced tones of good music, using as many as three different artist names. His biggest accomplishements include reaching UK TOP 40 and 11th place at BBC Radio, where one of his songs was presented for a whole 5 weeks. His most recent creations are supported by Danny Tenaglia, Marco Carola, Mike Dunn, Sam Divine, Joseph Capriati, Luciano, Steve’Butch’Jones, Antonio Pica, Stefano Crabuzza, Luca Lento, D-formation and many others.


Terminal Club - The music lab

Terminal Club – The music lab

  1. Terminal Lounge – Bar / zgornji prostor
    – lokacija v centru mesta (železniška postaja)
    – parkirišče v neposredni bližini (50m)
    – bogata ponudba pijač in prigrizkov
    – dvonadstropna terasa
    – možnost najema prostora za različne priložnosti
    – za več informacij nas kontaktirajte na TEL: 041686691
  2. The Music Lab – Club / spodnji prostor

More about the place: TerminalClub / TheMusicLab

Events: music-lab-3rd-anniversary-petek-6-dec/

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