Kristian Macarol

Slovenia // Ljubljana



Kristian Macarol, TMGO

Kristian Macarol

Kristian Macarol is young Slovenian DJ and Producer. At the age of 15, he first met with the Fruity Loops Studio program in which he creates the music even today. His music career starts in year 2015. In the same year he made his first contract with label company Mapamond Records from Bologna-Italy. He was working with them until last year, when he sign a new contract with label company Chill & Let It Out Records from London-UK.

He was performing with many world known DJ artists and producers, such as Darren Porter, Alessandra Roncone, The Thrillseekers…

Kristian Macarol is well known by performing Trance, Tech–Trance and Uplifting-Trance. rhythms. He is one of the leaders of group TMGO (Trance Must Go On).

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