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I make music as Gyu (I pronounce it Guy-you). Starting in 2001 with a Roland MC303 Groovebox, I’ve been making beats ever since. In those days I was heavily into ‘Nu Skool’ Breaks, and spent my time trying to equal the efforts of Freq Nasty and The Plump Djs. As part of the [Dissident] sound system in Bristol I played breaks regularly at free parties and nightclubs in the 2000’s.

In 2009 I moved to Moscow to work as an English teacher and played out in Moscow, Minsk, St. Petersburg, Berlin and Osnabrük. I returned to my home town of Stroud in 2013 and have been there ever since.

I started a weekly livestream on Facebook (now also YouTube, Twitch and VK) in October 2018 – Saturdays at 9pm GMT.






Hi! I’m Guy aka Gyu.

I write and perform electronic music. I do a live stream every Saturday at 9pm (GMT) on Facebook, Youtube, Twitch and VK.

Get my album for free plus loads of exclusive extra content by clicking going to my website.

I’ve had releases on Digital Distortions, Subgrade, Urban Scrumping, Drawn, Slime and Coral recordings.


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