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I make music as Gyu (I pronounce it Guy-you). Starting in 2001 with a Roland MC303 Groovebox, I’ve been making beats ever since. In those days I was heavily into ‘Nu Skool’ Breaks, and spent my time trying to equal the efforts of Freq Nasty and The Plump Djs. As part of the [Dissident] sound system in Bristol I played breaks regularly at free parties and nightclubs in the 2000’s.

In 2009 I moved to Moscow to work as an English teacher and played out in Moscow, Minsk, St. Petersburg, Berlin and Osnabrük. I returned to my home town of Stroud in 2013 and have been there ever since.

I started a weekly livestream on Facebook (now also YouTube, Twitch and VK) in October 2018 – Saturdays at 9pm GMT.

Livestream: www.facebook.com/GyuMusic/

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