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Brtinzz, house, tech-house, techno DJ/producer

Brtinzz DJ/Producer

Brtinzz is a house, tech-house, techno DJ/producer from Slovenia. It all started in Belgium, where he had the opportunity to learn DJ-ing skills from local DJs. Listening to different genres of underground music inspired him to start DJ-ing. Later, he had an opportunity to show his talent on the Summer Party 2017, where he performed alongside some of the biggest special Slovenian DJs, such as Mike Vale, Angel Anx, Gumja and others. This was a stepping-stone to his DJ career.

The owner of amazing mixing techniques, great charisma, and a witty way to communicate and connect with the crowd, Brtinzz does never disappoint. Using different efxs, cuts, samples and mashups, he creates powerful mixes that will impress any electronic music lover. Above all, Brtinzz is known for his refined selection of music, packed with songs full of great energy and strong character, which will surely make the dancefloor go crazy.

Whether playing the most powerful techno, or even calm house beats, Jan makes clear that he knows how to use all the flexibility and versatility that different genres have to offer.

 He is releasing music on various respected labels like Blue Monkey Records, Finder Records, Oxytech Records, SMR Underground Records, and many more to come.



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