Once upon a time there was one Fox who was searching for a special place in the Electronic music forest.

But he couldn’t find it.

So, here became the idea to create this special place, where all the magic of Electronic music became real. We create a place where can DJs, Producers, Venue owners, Record labels and specially the Music fans find together.

Why? Because Music join us together in one.

When we are out off energy and all the fillings are low? The best solution is to listen the music!

Why? Because Music brings back the pure Joy!

Join us, the best is yet to come

  • DJs: share Your art work of music with others and bring positive vibes to the world. By »sign in« you can post new releases, tracks, mixes, podcasts, new gigs…etc… Share it!
  • Place owners: show your place where we can make people dance? Contact us and let’s the story start!
  • VJs: make music alive with your visual art. You can share your visual content, and give more opportunity to the world to know You. »Colours, like features, follow the changes of the emotions« by Pablo Picasso
  • Listen one of many live-stream radio shows: enjoy the rhythms of house music, progressive house, tech house, techno, hard techno, drum’ n’ base, etc… and let it play all night long.


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